Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Ek wil jou met al my sinne beleef…

Ek wil gebruik:
my oë
my ore
my neus
my hande en
my mond
om jou op elke denkbare manier te leer ken

Ek wil jou sien
- jou oë jou hande jou voete jou mond
Ek wil jou hoor
- jou woorde jou grappies jou lag
Ek wil jou ruik
- jou bekende vars geur
Ek wil jou voel
- jou sagte hande en ferm lyf
Ek wil jou proe…
- my verlustig in die banket van jou jy-wees

ek wil alles van jou weet.


Eugene said...


Hopper said...

it's funny how I can actually understand some afrikaans when i take my time... i'm sure i've missed a lot but this sounds like a very heartfelt poem... i worked with a couple fellas from south africa when i was in ireland... one was a boer... sorry... i know that sounds bad... is that how they spell their name and refer to themselves??? anyways... they sort of taught me some afrikaans which i picked up just to hear... it was a shock to them when they couldn't talk in code around me anymore... they were truly funny guys... and the guy who was boer was tough as nails... never met anything tougher on two feet... all this to say i'm hoping you'll translate the first line... might help to unlock the rest of the piece...

i enjoyed looking through your site... it was nice to meet you here in blogland... see ya around...

Tania said...

Hey hopper, thanks, I appreciate being appreciated :-)
The first line translates as "I want to experience you with all my senses"
It loses something in translation...

Some Afrikaans guys call themselves "boere", some actually are boere (farmers). It is a dual-purpose name, really. And the real ones are very tough. Have to be, living in Africa.