Monday, April 14, 2008

I am not brave

I am not so brave
I do not take risks
I live vicariously through words
and art
but I don’t take chances
that I know not the outcome of

It’s safer that way.


Hopper said...

but you do take chances... you may not realize it... it is very courageous to speak from the heart...

Eugene said...

Not brave? I think showing your naked soul and honestly unveiling yourself as you are is exceptionally brave.

Furthermore, posting it online is a big chance to take - one you cannot possibly know every outcome of.

In taking this risk, you have shown yourself to be very brave indeed!!

Mr. Hamlet said...

Being brave just means doing things that you feel aren't comfortable. To some people posting online what you just posted is very brave. The things that you think are risky to do, may be as easy to other people as posting what you did about yourself. You are brave in ways you don't realize. Come by and check out my blogspot. (