Thursday, April 10, 2008


There you are:
you stand before me
and suddenly I know you...

Know you as you are:
not the vision that I had of you,
not the face that you usually carry,
but the reality of you.

Unexpectedly and without my asking
you dropped all pretense
and opened your soul
to my senses and my mind.

I drink the real you;
I consume your naked truth.
You taste like heaven:
I grow as I partake of you.

Tonight you suddenly became human
with one glance.


Hopper said...

this is a very interesting piece... i think i will let the implications percolate for a time and get back to you... thank you for visiting my site and participating in our game... well met... cricket...

p.s. i'm writing the whole unrequited thing now too and there are many days i wonder if it all seems just... you know... sappy... but the more i think of it... no it's not... if you're sad you should be sad... and the worst thing would be to just fake it to make who happy... not yourself if it's not what you feel...

Honour said...

tania -- thanks for dropping by my site ... and for leading me to Rod McKuen! I had not read his poetry before and am excited to read more of his words. he has a site where he lists his unpublished poems, and it is a real treasure. your poems are so honest ... a real delight ...i'll be back again.

Marc said...

"I drink the real you" - excellent.

TPluckyT said...

Great poem . . . I read it several times before deciding to comment . . .

I don't know what you personally meant by this poem, but the fact it speaks to me on at least three levels is what makes me enjoy it so much . . .

There have been times I've had experiences with God that were similar to this, so it reminds me of that.

Also this reminds me of developing a relationship with a close friend or spouse.

Finally and most significantly for me, it speaks of those rare moments when one actually understands and accepts one's self . . . When I read the first sentence I get a picture of me standing in front of a mirror . . .

Very nice work Tania . . .

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Very nice Tania


In of itself

Somthing I can relate to

Glad to meet you