Monday, April 14, 2008

Drawn to those who ain’t afraid (thank you Joni Mitchell)

I’m drawn to you
but I could never be with you.
I cannot be
the woman that you need,
the same way you will never be
the man that I need.

But I’m drawn to you.
It’s because you’re not afraid.
Because you face every day
unfazed, unafraid, untroubled.

It drives me mad
wanting you like this,
wanting you close,
the strength of you;
the feel of you
the smell of you…

I inhale you,
fresh, life-giving you,
and you fill my being
to the sweet sweet brim
and I’m helpless
with every beat of my traitorous heart
- she yearns for you,
a hapless addict
drawn to you:
- drawn and quartered;
doomed to never rest in peace.

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