Friday, July 11, 2008

Winter Blues

An everlasting aching heartache
blows in bitterly from the north
of the Valley of Pain.

A rending, shattering gale
shreds through the heart’s caverns,
turning warm pools to ice.

A crack appears in the unbroken rock
and rips open the centre
of its helpless heart.

The Winter Blues have come again,
spreading fear and helplessness
- a hopeless, crying bundle
lies choking in its wake.

My hands are frozen
my face is cold
no feeling remains
in my snowed-in limbs.

I reach out to you
from the depths of my pain;
unable to touch
the warmth of your heart
to help me defrost the ache in mine

so that it can beat again.


Eugene said...

Even though I love the winter I know exactly what you mean. This is imagery I am all too familiar with. Great poem.

Hopper said...

the thing about winter I try to keep in mind... spring must surely come...